Beata Sadowska

Beata Sadowska

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Beata Sadowska, fot. Robby Cyron
Bea­ta Sad­ows­ka, fot. Rob­by Cyron

Kocham, jak coś jest robione z sercem. A Zarad­na jest. Jak się dogadać z włas­nym dzieck­iem, czego nie prze­gapić i dlaczego Kazik Staszews­ki się “nie zmenel­i­zował”? To wszys­tko mogłam znaleźć na por­talu dla mam. Poza sercem, robionym też z głową. Pole­cam.



  1. It is kind of pre­pos­ter­ous. The ter­ri­to­ries are not eco­nom­i­cal­ly prac­ti­cal for easy struc­tur­al and human rea­sons. The ter­ri­to­ries are most­ly bar­ren, and mod­est, as well as the human land­scape is cor­rupt­ed, ill edu­cat­ed, and geno­ci­dal. n nOf sys­tem it tru­ly is Israel’s fault, sim­ply because if Israel didn’t exist, ‘Pales­tine’ could be much larg­er, and just as ‘viable’ to be the oth­er adja­cent sh*tholes that pass for nations around the world. n n

  2. Great rea­son­ing, great review! I am tak­ing my time read­ing this book also. So emo­tion­al. And I just love Kallyp­so. She puts her heart and soul into writ­ing these books and it shows.

  3. Yes! I’m going and SO appre­ci­at­ed your tips here Puts my mind a lit­tle at easy (my first time ever going to a blog conference).xx fran[]Nicole Reply:February 14th, 2012 at 9:22 amYou’re going to love it Franchesca…you aren’t alone. There are so many first timers this year. Hope to meet you at the New­combers Meet­up on Thurs­day. I’ll be there with bells on![]

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